God damn it TODD! Todd Terje has release a new album, It's Album Time, with this track called, Delorean Dynamite and it's...... amazing! His sound is so prefect, he is one of my absolute favorite producers of all time. Some of the best driving music ever and obviously dance music. His music makes me feel so many ways. Like a late 80's/early 90's teen movie protagonist, doing positive things and having a blast with really cool hair. Call me crazy. Here is, Delorean Dynamite. GROOVE!!!

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Now... I know that this is not the norm hear but I must say I was strongly compelled to post and share this track. IT'S INSANE. Moody Good is phenomenal, and this remix is just out of this world. I have been listening to it over and over haha SO AGAIN, it's not deep house or house or tech. It's just really DOPE music. Enjoy!!

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Another tangent from the Donky Pitch post. The bass is LOwLOwLowlowlowlow... You'll see what I mean about 15 minutes in. Enjoy.

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The Ghosts are hyped. First because we are getting to release some new music, second because its from some great friends of ours, and third because its absolutely amazing. The duo behind Weird Zero are our very own Dos Ghosts artists ELECTRONICAnonymous and Ian Stewart. The dudes represent everything we are about here at DG. Both life long musicians and friends, this collaboration has been over two decades in the making. 

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Weird Zero is Jules Jenssen and his close friend, and musical mentor, Ian Stewart, both hailing from North Egremont, Massachusetts, USA.

Ian Stewart is a producer, mixing engineer, and multi-instrumentalist who has been producing under his own name since 2011. In recent months he has released several tracks on Dynamix Records, LLC, as well as mixed independent artist Eitch's new Health EP. Ian studied Music Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering and Jazz Trumpet at the University of Miami and continues to search out new knowledge through experience and experimentation on a daily basis.

Jules Jenssen, AKA ELECTRONICAnonymous, is a man of many faces. His main outlet for musical expression is his unnecessarily oversized drum kit, which he uses with bands such as Search:Party (w/ Brian Ross of Higher Organix), Boston-based indy synth-rock outfit The Indobox, and Northeast Improv collaborative Normal Instruments. However, still being restless despite three active bands, Jules also enjoys producing electronic music of all styles. With the groove always being the main focus, ELECTRONICAnonymous has dabbled in styles ranging from tech-house, bass music, glitch, the self defined "Wiggle", and most recently, chugging space disco-y booty shakers. In the face of the "ADDM" music surge, EA likes to think that minimalism and coherent composition is more timeless than the current flavor - build, build, build, drop. Since completing work on the 2013 Big Up festival in Columbia County, NY (which Jules co-produces) he has set his sights on a big year of music making with all of his projects.

Jules and Ian are now pleased to present "The New Depth EP", a collection of chugging, sultry, and evocative dance tracks that are sure to be a breath of fresh groove for today's discerning listeners.

Produced and recorded at Shabbey Road Studio and Flotown Studio by Jules Jenssen and Ian Stewart. Mixed and mastered at Flotown Studio by Ian Stewart. Additional personel: Saylor (vocals on The Altar), Emma Sims-Biggs (keyboards on First Day), Matt Barnard (Tuba on First Day).

Kitsuné always has great releases great mixes and their events seem like they are always phenomenal. The Kitsuné Club Night at Le Télégramme in Toulouse seems like it was no exception. LeMarquis mixed up a killer set which you can listen to here. Unfortunately its not available for download.

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Scouring the net for ID names of unlisted tracks can be a hassle, but it's also rewarding when you find what you were looking for. Lately, 4/5 times when I hear a jam that's not tagged up in a track list on a mix and I do happen to find it, it's by some random DJ in New Jersey. In fact, it's becoming such a defined genre that the last time I was stumped on my search, I put "Jersey Mix" in the search bar along with the song title and THEN found it. What's going on out there? I thought Jersey was supposed to suck? To quote Too $hort from "Just Anotha Day", "Take ya ass there and fuck ya heard". A selection of bangers. Enjoy.

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Wow, fellow house junkies and everyone who hears this, HAPPY FRIDAY TURN THIS UP AND HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!! This song is SOOO amazing! Another total random find in my feed, what a gem!! So dancey and grooving, I can't stop listening! This is, You Are My Pride by Nora En Pure, Remixed by Croatia Squad!!

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The Ghosts love The Knocks, enough said! No but seriously take a listen this mix is fire.

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Shiba San is another new artist to me, and what a find!!! Tracks are so deep and amazing! Always happy to see new stuff from Shiba San.. This is "I like your booty" off his new EP, All About The Booty!!! ENJOY!!

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An off-chute from the Donkey Pitch Mix I posted last week. Tokyo Hands destroying it.

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