This song. Just love it and dance to it. Turn it up friends!!!!

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This isn't my norm for posting but its totally house and its totally grooving. Scissor Sister really did it with this track... reminds me of some straight club house from the 90s. GET DOWN!!!!

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Duke Dumont

This is an artist post!! This guy has recently entered my airwaves and he wont leave... and I couldn't be happier about it. A close friend introduced me to Duke and I was immediately in love and haven't stop loveing and shring his music since. If you haven't already, give these choice tracks of his a listen and all that he has to offer. And of course the video to "I Got You" is so so fun. Enjoy peeps!!!

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Kove - Love for you

This song has rapidly climbed to the top of my most listened to in iTunes. Its just fantastic and is sure to please any house heads ear!!! haha Hope you all enjoy this is you don't already know it!!

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Yucca - Island

Flash back friday!!! This is a classic in my book and a prefect example of progressive house. This just goes up and up and is so perfectly executed, I actually forgot about this song and one day recently came across what looked to be an old CD I had burnt years ago.. aptly named " BOMB HOUSE". I hope you all enjoy this song also throw Yucca into your Pandora radio and there will be absolute gold flowing from your speakers!!

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Route 94 - My Love

This has been one of my summer jams. Love everything about and the video rocks!! Watch the vid or just listen this amazing track! Enjoy y'all.


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Tons of unique sounds to be heard. Please enjoy.

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Imagine you're going on a small vacation and you're fueled with excitement as you land and take in the sights. It's a quaint, scenic, historical city. Fine wine, food and culture. Dip into the night scene and discover a seedy underbelly of drugs, dancing, and sleez bags. Shots of liquor, grinding, cigarettes, foggy conversation. Hit the black out zone, everything is a feeling more than a memory. You're somewhere else now, the after party, exclusive scumbag hangout. The dirty drugs are busted out. You're on a whole new wave length, you're toast, time to go. Open the door and witness a beautiful sunrise...

Here's your soundtrack.

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As summer winds itself down in a hotter and humid fashion we close out our "Summer Fridays" series with a track from one of the DG originals. Jules Jenssen aka ELECTRONICAnonymous has put together really amazing track here which really conveys his background as a drummer and how he has evolved into a really unique and talented producer.

I want to thank everyone who has contributed or been involved in putting together this series. It has been a really fun ride and in the same way the end of summer is always bitter sweet I am sad to see this project wrap up. Stay tuned though as we will be compiling the entire series into a full length album and a mixed version as well. They are both due out this fall.

Enjoy your Friday and take a listen!

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Another really special "Summer Fridays" here as it is a collaboration over a decade in the making. I first met Michael Keenan growing up in Western Massachusetts skateboarding and playing sports together. From a very young age Michael was always hugely involved in music and he has gone on to become a virtuosic producer. This track he has contributed to the SF series is a great example of the breadth of his skills. Day to day he works mainly on producing for hip hop and rap artists. So this was a great opportunity for him to work outside of his comfort zone and try some new things. The results are amazing. Take a listen this track and enjoy your Friday!

Stay tuned for the final installment in the series followed by the release of the mastered compilation of the entire series.

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