Jerrid Coty has been ripping shows up all over Western Massachusetts the last few months . We are so hyped that during some downtime he was able to compile this amazing little mix for us. Dos Ghosts Vol. 12 is a real deep house requiem and is for sure worth a listen. You can either play this new mix up top in our player or head over to our SoundCloud, where it is also availavle for free download. Turn it up and enjoy!

PS. stay tuned for updates on dates for Jerrid's upcoming shows.

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Today seemed like a progressive house sort of day. In the spirit of that I figured I would share a mix from a new discovery I made on SoundCloud. This DJ and producer's name is Nick Doker and I am loving his sound. Lots of amazing house and deep house over on his page. Check him out and enjoy your Thursday.

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Some really amazing vibes in this track! Found it on the 1100LA 1100P SoundCloud. Definitely a nice way to escape to somewhere exotic in your mind on another wintery day here on the east coast.

DJ HAUS. Follow this dude, he posts new mixes every week with tons of great "chunes" from his Uknown to the Uknown label and an endless amount of others. Please enjoy.

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Dos Ghosts Vol. 11 is long over due, but we had to give our man Mada Music enough time to put together this truly stunning mix. His track selection and mixing is always unreal and he brings a musicality to DJing that can make anybody get down to grooving. Without further or do here is DG Vol. 11. Turn it up and feel the vibes!

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Catching up on our SoundCloud feed I started listening to Sandy Rivera's newest mix "Visionz Vol. 3". Its that perfect sort of deep-house vibe to bump in my head phones and warm me up on this cold rainy December day. Enjoy!

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After a little hiatus we are getting back into business as usual over here in DG world. The months are getting colder but there's no reason why the dance floors and clubs ever should be. This heater comes out from our Dos Ghosts resident Jerrid Coty. JC stays with the tech house and amazing techno sets and this one definitely won't disappoint. You can listen to the mix above in our player or head over to our SoundCloud to listen or download the vibes. 

Also tomorrow night we ave a special show going on. Both BFG and Jerrid Coty will be spinning back to back at the Brickhouse Pub in Housatonic, MA. The whole DG family will be out in numbers dancing our asses off so come hang with us and listen to some amazing tunes.

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I know it's a bit late, but this is amazing and I needed to share. RL is currently killing it... this mix is filled with big trap and rap samples. Make sure to turn this one up and get ready to move people. Hope you all love this as much as I do.

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trap - rap - bass


Ejeca is a personal favorite of mine. He is a true craftsman when it comes to his production and I really love the true deep house space that most of his tracks live in. This is a clip from an upcoming release entitled "Bamp". Cannot wait for the full length track to come out. 

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The folks over at Alldayeveryday do a fabulous job editing a beautiful stream of interviews, articles, photography and music. One of my childhood heroes Alex Olson is currently guest editing over there and also put together this super rad mix. I love how the tracks evolve over the course of the fifty two minutes and hold a strong narrative sort of feeling. Enjoy!

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